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Energy Justified Podcast

Alberta is set to be Canada's leader in the energy transition. With support from the Energy Futures Lab, YYC Shapers brings you this podcast on the just energy transition. We're featuring people at the forefront of the change who will shed light on the value, challenges and opportunities of achieving a just energy transition in Alberta.

Kudjo Fiakpui Headshot.jpg

February 28, 2022

Kudjo is an energy transition and policy analyst who has been working in the oil and gas sector for 15 years. He is keenly interested in responsible energy development and sustainability.


In this first episode, Kudjo and Rachael are setting the baseline. They discuss the current state of the energy industry in Alberta and in Canada, predictions for the upcoming year across the sector, climate change, and what an energy transition will look like across the province and the country.

Nagwan Al-Guneid Headshot.jpeg

March 7, 2022

Nagwan Al-Guneid is the Director of the Business Renewables Centre of Canada where she helps accelerate large-scale renewable energy projects. She’s been working in the energy-related sector for the last 12 years and is passionate about the energy transition.

In this episode, Nagwan and Rachael discuss the concept of “just” - what that means in the Albertan and Canadian context, what’s being done now to achieve it, and what key pieces are still lacking.

Diandra Bruised Head Headshot.jpg

March 14, 2022

Diandra Bruised Head is an elected councillor with the Blood Tribe First Nation, where she previously held the role of Climate Change Coordinator. She is interested in the nexus between energy, the environment, and Indigenous cultures and values.

In the final episode of the Energy Justified series, Diandra shares her views on the importance of Indigenous representation in the energy transition movement, as well as the need for systemic and holistic change to achieve a greater level of welfare, prosperity and sustainability across the country.

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