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Our Civic Life Team has been working hard on a campaign called “Redefining the Front Lines”. We’ve interviewed people who are employed in and out of the medical field, working hard to ensure we’re safe and our basic needs are met. Their stories are an important part of our city’s efforts in COVID response and relief. We are so grateful to our interviewees for sharing their stories.

Name: Varinder singh

Occupation: Truck Driver

As a frontline worker I would like to share some of my thoughts regarding working through COVID19. This pandemic has been very difficult for everyone globally. I drive a semi truck delivering essential items to large warehouses, overall the majority of the people have adapted very well to this virus. As a driver sometimes it gets difficult at times such as when you need to use the bathroom and you’re denied access or when you want to get a coffee and you’re told “ you must drive through with a vehicle “ ( this to mostly drivers driving on the highway when the lobbies are closed). I believe we will get through this but in order for that to happen we must do it together and not single people out. My employer has done a good job of giving out hand sanitizer and masks even though there is a shortage world wide. I think one area that requires improvement is to keep drivers in the trucks as much as possible and try to do things more electronically.



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